#RFS508 Mad Cranberries

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💅🏻  Only $1 per Mani 💰
💅🏻  Durable - 3+Weeks of Wear
💅🏻  Ironclad 30-day Guarantee 🔒
💅🏻  Long-lasting & Lightweight 
💅🏻  Strong, durable, and non-toxic

    2020 was a completely different mood! We went through all kinds of emotions, changing colors like a chameleon. And the funny thing is, it inspired us to make our new collection

    Without further ado, introducing the NEW Chameleon Collection! Never get bored with our new mood-changing dip powders! Dip them in water and see the magic happen! The AVVA Chameleon Collection is heavily pigmented, ensuring a true-to-chart color. Available in 16 temperature changing hues!

    Take the salon home and give yourself a professional mani! When it comes to nails, there’s a wealth of possibilities!


    • A premium quality multi-shift pigment dipping powder
    • Available NOW in the CHAMELEON collection
    • Changes color with your body temperature
    • Non-toxic and non-odor colors that last up to 3 weeks
    • Versatile and fun to work with
    • No harmful UV / LED lamp required
    • Never tested on animals (and never will!)
    • Nails will become more durable and natural-looking
    • Base, Activator & Top Coat (sold separately) are required to complete your manicure


      • 1 x Dip Powder - Mad Cranberries 

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