Dip Powder Accessories Kit

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 Avva Challenge Our dip powder Accessories Kit will save you a trip! 

Dip Powder Accessories Kit is the ultimate AVVA kit that contains everything you need for an easy DIY at-home manicure. This accessories kit offers you the right instruments to create and remove your very own dip powder manicure.

AVVA Dip Powder Accessories Kit is extremely affordable and will save you a lot of time. You’ll get everything you need with only one order. The most difficult part will be choosing the color of your nails! 

Our dip powder system is easy to use and long-lasting, with a collection of over 200 shades. Being non-toxic, paraben-free, and cruelty-free AVVA dip powder is the best choice for saving money and time spent in the salon.

How does it work?

How to apply dip powder manicure at home

Applying the powder nails is quite simple and there is no need of spending extra cash in going to have it done at a salon or spa. All that you need to have is the powder and the 3 gels and you will be good to go. The powders come in different colors to choose from. There is glitter powder, nude, and also colored powder.

PRO TIP: Dehydration makes the product adhere better and last longer. Be sure to get a Primer, it will ensure your nails are oil-free and clean. AVVA Primer is acid-free and has organic ingredients. Buy from here!

Expand your collection by choosing extra Dip Powder Shades starting from $9.99. Check our Best Deals of the Week:Avva Dip Powder Colors


Cruelty free - toxic free - no harmful pesticides - paraben free
💅🏻  Durable - 3+Weeks of Wear
💅🏻  Ironclad 30-day Guarantee 🔒
💅🏻  Long-lasting & Lightweight 
💅🏻  Strong, durable, and non-toxic

Dip powder manicure

Ditch traditional acrylics and switch to AVVA Dip Powders – easy to use, lightweight and flexible, strong and durable, non-toxic, non-porous, comfortable, maintenance-free, crack and chip resistant, water-resistant, no yellow nails!
Dip nails don’t require a UV light to set, so it only takes 2 minutes for them to dry.

Cruelty free - toxic free - no harmful pesticides - paraben free

Our innovative AVVA Dip Powders allow you to have salon-quality nails at home for a fraction of the price and, unlike regular nail polishes, don't damage the nail bed, and don't chip.

AVVA Dip Powders characteristics:
- last up to 3 weeks guaranteed
- feel and look natural
- easy to use & comfortable
- lightweight & flexible, strong & durable, maintenance-free
- non-toxic, non-porous & water-resistant
- crack and chip resistant, no yellow nails
- no UV lamp required & removable in under 10 minutes

AVVA Dip Powders are enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E to offer you a strong and healthy mani with a long-lasting fabulous shine.

Dip Powders are the newest trend on the market. Ditch traditional acrylics and switch to AVVA Dip Powders – budget manicures at home - no need to spend money on the salon anymore.

Get started TODAY!
Accessories Kit package includes 9 pcs:
1 x AVVA French Dipping Container (perfect for different applications techniques like french nails)
1 x AVVA Nail Dust Brush (ideal for brushing off the extra powder during the dip powder application)
1 x AVVA Nail Buffer (used to buff your nails gently before applying the AVVA Base and, also necessary after applying the AVVA Activator)
3 x Nail Files (#MustHave product for any nail addict which helps shape your nails at any time of the day)
1 x Stainless Steel Nail Tool (perfect for
 cuticles and for removing the extra dip powder from your nails after leaving the cleanser work for 10 - 15 mins)
10 x AVVA AVVA Remover Clips (dedicated to removing your 3-week old dip manicure using the cleanser technique)
-Step 1-
Clean and prep nails, by pushing the cuticles back and shaping the nails. Wipe the nails with an alcohol-based cleanser.

-Step 2-

Apply the AVVA Base coat and quickly dip into AVVA Dip Powder

-Step 3-
Quickly dip into AVVA Dip Powder. Tap off excess. Repeat on all nails. Reapply AVVA Base and repeat dip steps until you get the desired depth of color.

-Step 4-
Apply the AVVA Activator.

-Step 5-
Buff and shape the nails once the AVVA Activator is totally dried. Apply the AVVA Top coat.

The removal process is quite simple. Buff the shine off your nails, first. Then you just have to dip a cotton ball in acetone, place it over your nail with AVVA Reusable Clips on and leave it to rest for about 10-15 minutes. After that, just start to gently press or prod at the powder nail and it should come right off, just like an acrylic gel does. 


For detailed videos instructions check our videos page here

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