Package contains - Accessories Kit

Accessories Kit package includes 9 pcs:
1 x AVVA French Dipping Container (perfect for different applications techniques like french nails)
1 x AVVA Nail Dust Brush (ideal for brushing off the extra powder during the dip powder application)
1 x AVVA Nail Buffer (used to buff your nails gently before applying the AVVA Base and, also necessary after applying the AVVA Activator)
3 x Nail Files (#MustHave product for any nail addict which helps shape your nails at any time of the day)
1 x Stainless Steel Nail Tool (perfect for
 cuticles and for removing the extra dip powder from your nails after leaving the cleanser work for 10 - 15 mins)
10 x AVVA AVVA Remover Clips (dedicated to removing your 3-week old dip manicure using the cleanser technique)