If you would’ve asked us 2 years ago where would we be today, we would have known exactly the answer: here with YOU. We were dedicated to saving YOU time and money from the beginning, and that’s a promise we still keep to this day. 
We’ve started this project from a long passion for fabulous nails and healthy manicures, and also because, to be perfectly honest with you…we never really liked going to the salon. And now, we don’t have to ever again!

Here, at AVVA, we are working to give you the best results, and constantly add to the product list in order to keep you happy. From our research team to our manufacturers, marketing, and the design team, we try to keep everybody motivated and happy to work for you. And in case you didn’t notice so far, our mission is to absolutely spoil you with choice! We are committed to giving you an impeccable manicure! 

Being a star born fabulous is more than an attitude! It’s a style! And YOU got it!
AVVA was always about YOU! 
"Without YOU I’m nothing!"

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We can be reached via our Facebook and Instagram accounts, or feel free to reach out to us over email at contact@avvanails.com. Be sure to join our growing social media community of thousands of fans and counting!
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Available worldwide, our products are currently being carried in over 28 countries. Trusted by tens of thousands of customers worldwide.