Dip Powder Starter Kit - Everything You Need To Know About Your First Dip Powder Manicure

Hey Dippers,

Today we're going to be talking about one of our best-sellers, The Starter Kit! As the name suggest, this basic Dip Powder Kit is specifically designed to give you all the tools you need to begin your Dip Powder journey at home

 Now, if you like things done easily and don't like to spend too much time, The Dip Powder Starter Kit is the way to go. You can move up to the Dip Powder Pro Kit once you're ready! 

Now, let's get to it!

What does it come in a basic Dip Powder Starter Kit?

First of all, a proper dip wouldn't be possible without the holy trinity: the BASE Coat, the ACTIVATOR and the TOP Coat.

Dip Powder Essentials Top Activator Base

TIP: make sure you get all of the tools below at hand in order to start your first dip. Missing one step will result into a fail. Click here to make sure you're following the right steps to begin your first Dip Powder mani. 

Our AVVA Dip Powder Starter Kit comes with 4 options of Dip Powder colors, oh yes, which you can CUSTOMISE. I mean, how cool is that?  

Starter Kit Dip Colors

In case you still have your doubts whether to switch to Dip Powder, let me address two of the most common beauty urban-legends.

First of all, I would like to debunk the myth that "Dip Powder is bad for your nails." We pack our powder with a lot of goodness and spend months of research before releasing a product. From the added calcium in the dip powders meant to strengthen your nail and promote healthy growth, to the non-toxic liquids we use, your nails are in good hands! No pun intended. 

A second question we get often: "Is Dip Powder sanitary?". I mean, in order to release a product, we need to pass quality control. There are many reasons why we are able to trade our product, and those safety extra measures we put in place, is one of them.

TIP: as with any type of manicure done at home, when you do your quick dip powder at home, it is important to take those extra sanitary steps to make sure you prevent an infection. 

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Stay safe!