What plans do you have for this Easter?

What plans do you have for this Easter?

No matter what activities you plan this Easter, don't forget about your nails!

From dyeing eggs and organizing the family to cooking dinner and making sure every detail is perfectly adjusted, Easter time it's always tiring for us. 

Let's take a well deserved break this year! Self care is important, especially when taking care of your whole family. A manicure at-home can break the usual schedule and help you relax. 

At the same time, going to a salon it's kind of scary these days. Having suspicions about hygiene or being afraid of possible infections can ruin your well deserved self care time.

That's why we want to recommend you easy and fast solutions for relaxing time right in your home. 

Create a schedule

What plans do you have for this Easter?

Try to take 5 - 10 minutes to write down the most important tasks of these days. Check the when, what, how and then try to slip in 1 hour or 2 for yourself. Even if it seems impossible, these little sacrifices we make for ourselves will pay off in the long run. Trying to unplug yourself from daily tasks and worries will make you feel more energized and less stressed. We guarantee your family doesn't want you to be overworked and overstressed!

Choose your colors of play

What plans do you have for this Easter? 01

You just dyed the eggs and now it's time to dye your nails, hehe! Check our dip powder colors collection and pick your favorites for an awesome dip manicure. You like nudes? Reds? Blues? Lilac? Pink? Or yellow? We have it all! Settle on one or two shades and go from there.

Try AVVA Dip Powders

What plans do you have for this Easter? 02

AVVA offers easy-to-use DIY at-home nail care solutions. Probably you already heard about the new innovation of Dip Powders and you are wondering what's all the fuss about. 

Well the coolest thing about Dip Powder is how safe and healthy it really is. The formula is enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E, so your nails will definitely be stronger. At the same time this cool innovation does not require a UV lamp even though your manicure lasts up to 21+ days!

Besides, the application process is super easy and it's fit for anyone who wants to avoid going to the salon.

What advantages has AVVA Dip Powder?

What plans do you have for this Easter? 03

Besides the benefits mentioned above, AVVA Dip Powder is also extremely affordable and wallet friendly. 1 AVVA Dip Powder = up to 30 manicures. Pretty impressive right? So if you get, for example, AVVA DIP POWDER STARTER KIT with ALL 4 POWDERS, you'll be set for the next months. No more expenses or time wasted. Our manicure kit has everything you need at the tip of your finger! Easter is the perfect time for such improvement, don't you think?

The Best Easter GIFT?

What plans do you have for this Easter? 04

Trying out new things can be challenging, but around Easter we can make some exceptions and let ourselves be spoiled properly with a new care routine which will bring us more benefits than any other salon option. 

Always remember: You deserve a break! You deserve to get spoiled! Let's have some fun with AVVA!


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