What Oprah says about AVVA Dip Powder

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Did you know? We made it to Oprah Daily! We are among the top brands of dip powder recommended by Oprah Daily and we are as proud as it gets!

What Oprah says about AVVA Dip Powder

It feels great to get recognized to such a level, but we know we deserve it! We trust our products and we would go the extra mile to prove their worth.

Among thousands of reviews from our clients, this article comes as a validation. We can provide one of the best solutions for easy, long-lasting, DIY at-home manicures. 

The article from Oprah Daily features our unforgettable AVVA Dip Powder Starter Kit with 4 powders that contains quote "three muted, versatile colors that feel natural and lightweight on nails, but stay put for up to three weeks" plus one lovely shade of white dip powder. 

This Starter Kit will have you set for the summer and even longer than that, given that with one powder you can get up to 30 manicures! 

Don't waste this chance and get the world's all time favorite dip powder starter kit of all times: AVVA Starter Kit with 4 powders. This month we have it on a 37% discount! 


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