Benefits of Dip Powder - No UV Lamp

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I was going over my ideas and I was thinking to make a series of articles highlighting dip powder benefits. These are meant to show you, point by point, what are the exact benefits of dip powder, why do they work and why should you care. 

There are plenty of benefits of dip powder nails, one more important than the other. One that makes the difference, especially in summer time, it's the fact that dip powder doesn't need a UV/LED lamp to dry. 

UV light can have it's down sides. Long exposure can really harm your skin and eyes. Unprotected skin during UV exposure can cause dehydration, premature aging, damage to skin cells and/or eyes. 

Benefits of Dip Powder - No UV Lamp

We all know, more often than not, we forget to put on sunscreen when we are using an UV lamp at home or even at the salon. Most probably that idea didn't even cross our minds. And it wouldn't be recommended for your nails to get in contact with any creams before our manicure session. It might cause lifting of the product.

"60 seconds under UV lamp won't make much of a difference" you'll say. Yet, think about it: 60 seconds per each nail gathers up to about 10 minutes on just 1 layer of gel polish. Applying all the necessary layers will take a lot more UV light. That's quite a bit for a casual indoor Sunday. 

Besides, you'll repeat this process every 2 weeks. So you'll always have a pre scheduled UV exposure until you find something better. Well, you can be rest assured, you found the perfect substitution to gel polish. Dip powder. 

AVVA Dip Powder system does not need UV to dry. All the liquids used dry fast in just 2 - 3 minutes. All you need to do is relax and trust the process. 

AVVA Base makes the powder adhere to the nail and dries in seconds. AVVA Activator bonds with the AVVA Base and it needs to dry for at least 2 minutes before you start buffing. AVVA Top can be applied twice, each time waiting from 3 - 5 minutes.

In the end you can use this time scrolling on your social media, or watch your favorite TV show. Either way, you'll be safe. After you get all the tricks and know hows about dip powder you'll manage to create a dip mani in just 30 minutes. 

Impressive right? Read our Beginners Tutorial and Start Dipping! Now that you know one of its benefits it's safe to say: we can trust dip powder!

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