Trendy Designs For Short Nails

Sometimes having short nails is the way to go. Some of us have to work with our hands and, some of us just don't wanna go through the hassle of maintaining longer nails. Short nails are just simpler, but that doesn't mean that they have to be boring. Here are some cute nail designs you can try on your nails to spice things up.

Accent Nail

The best part about the accent nail design is that anyone can do it, no matter your skill level when it comes to nail art. You can make it a complementary color, add some glitter if you wanna go a step up ,or draw some abstract design if you are feeling artsy. Here are some dip powder glitter options to choose for your accent nail: Avva Glitter Collection

Polka Dots

Polka dots are another simple design that should be easy to do and, it won't take a long time either. Choose some fun colors that will make your day brighter and start dotting, even though it is a quick design, it will definitely take your manicure to another level.

Colourful nails

No matter the season you can always find some fun, bold colors to wear on your nails, that way you're nails are gonna stand out even though you are having less space to experiment with nail designs. If you are feeling daring you can try some neon or glow in the dark colors, here are some options: Avva Glow In The Dark Collection 

Metallic nails

Even if it is the dominant color of just a detail, metallic nail colors can look very elegant and chic, without spending too much time working on a design. Classy yet bold, perfect for a party look.

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