The Coolest Beach Nails of 2021 - Tips & tricks included

Hi lovely, Lauren here!


Let me tell you a secret: I don't have a beach body. I've always dreamt of one, but well, my favorite snacks always got in the way, haha. Yet, nothing is lost. I still can look fabulous on the beach. How?

I'll let you in on some tips and tricks of mine. 

Match your nails with your bathing suit

It's never a bad idea to look fashionable, much less on the beach. I, for one, always feel "all eyes" on me, so looking spotless from head to toe is super important for my comfort. 

So I got some different bathing suits that are super in style this year. A neon pink, a black one and one full of flowers. Along with these 3 choices I've set out some nail colors for me.

The neon pink suit would go amazing with a green or a blue neon on my nails. That's why I ordered some dip powders from AVVA's Glow in the Dark collection: Moon Dust, Zatana & Trickster.  

My black bathing suit will be assorted perfectly with some metallic nails, for which Concrete Love & Golden Days dip powders come in mind. 

For the flowery suit I chose a rainbow, pastel manicure with 5 shades: Morning Dreams, Peach me Up, Casablanca Sunshine, Spicy Mint & Amber dip powders. 

Some very ambitious choices, I would say, but I am super excited to try them all. I think I'll do matching pedicures as well. 😍 

Match your mani with the nature

Nothing is more beautiful than a day on the beach. Taking a break in the sun, relaxing and enjoying the warm water of the sea.... what can be more perfect?

Well, what if we could take a little something from this lovely setup? Perhaps some colors that will inspire us and take us back to our sandy spot. I propose you this: wear Absolutely dip powder to remind you of the beautiful, wide sky you always rest under. 

At the same time Glitter Marine will take you back in the mysterious, yet charming sea waves, while Casablanca Sunshine will make you feel you have sun rays in your hands.

As for the sand under your toes I would compare it to the Glitter Gold Dip Powder. Nothing is more precious and inviting. 

Don't forget to take care of your beach nails

We already agree: we love the beach, we love the sea, we love our matching dip powder nails. One it's time for some tips & tricks on how to properly care for your mani while at the beach.

One important aspect is this: if you like to take long breaks in the water we advise you to add an extra layer of AVVA Top so your nails will be secure, avoiding chipping or cracking.

Our Top is very strong and will assure a long lasting manicure everytime!

Another tip is hydration. Be sure your skin, as well as your nails are well hydrated before and after a beach session. We recommend using our Cuticle Oil which contains only natural ingredients: Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B.

That being said you must know you can get all these AVVA products with a 25% OFF DISCOUNT! Use Code BEACH25 at checkout and shop all the wonderful shades for your beach nails! 

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