The Best Dip Powder Kit ever! New Product ALERT!

Hi girls, Lauren here!


I am super excited to present you the latest dip powder kit on the market! It's one of the best, believe me! 

Here, at AVVA we wish to bring you the best options for your at-home nail routine. That's why we've come up with this new product AVVA Dip Powder - Advanced Kit. 

It's the number 1 dip powder kit on the market that guarantees you 120 manicures!

Why is AVVA Dip Powder Advanced Kit THE BEST?

It's pretty simple. It has literally everything you need for 120 manicure made at home. It contains 4 gorgeous dip powder manicures which will last you months from now, plus 5 essential liquids which will help you in your nail care routine.

At the same time you will receive all the accessories needed to complete and remove your dip powder manicure. 

This dip powder kit contains high-quality, cruelty-free & vegan products, which will promise your professional results with minimum effort. 

What does AVVA Dip Powder Advanced Kit Contain?

With this AVVA Dip Powder kit you will get:

  • 4 gorgeous dip powder colors: Lilac, Glitter Grey, Hot Red & Black Cherry. All powders are enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E. They will make your nails strong and beautiful!
  • 3 dip powder liquids: AVVA Base, AVVA Activator & AVVA Top. They all air dry fast and make sure your dip powder mani last long and perfect.
  • 1 Brush Saver which will keep your liquid brushes new and fresh
  • 1 Removal Gel - a special solution for a non-acetone nail polish removal. It's perfect for dip powder, just be sure to buff the shine off and wait up to 15 mins after you apply it. 
  • 1 FREE AVVA French Dipping Container - perfect for different applications techniques like french nails
  • 1 AVVA Nail Dust Brush - ideal for brushing off the extra powder during the dip powder application
  • 1 AVVA Nail Buffer - used to buff your nails gently before applying the AVVA Base and, also necessary after applying the AVVA Activator
  • 3 Nail Files - #MustHave product for any nail addict which helps shape your nails at any time of the day
  • 1 Stainless Steel Nail Tool - perfect for cleaning your cuticles and for removing the extra dip powder from your nails after leaving the Removal work for 10 - 15 mins
  • 10 AVVA AVVA Remover Clips - dedicated to removing your 3-week old dip manicure using the cleanser technique

Why should you purchase AVVA Dip Powder Advanced Kit?

Because it promises you all the necessary products for endless perfect at-home manicures. You will be able to create a minimum of 120 spotless manicures with this kit. No more time & money wasted on the salon. Not to mention the fun you will have while making your dip powder nails. 

Another reason is the launching price: 50% DISCOUNT right now! Only $79.99!!! Be sure to add it to cart before it goes back to $159.99. Order it today!

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