Glow In The Dark Dip Powder Manicure in 5 EASY steps!

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So you have ordered your Glow In The Dark dip powder, but not sure where to start? How about with a bit of prep before popping open the new boxes. Just to be on the safe side! 

Keep reading and learn how to...

Keep your fairies shine for longer!

We get the fascination with the NEON glow, we really do! It is like fairies landed on your fingers to guide you through the dark. This magical feeling is easily achievable if you do the homework before. Without getting you deeper into slumber, let’s go together through a few tricks to ensure we're saving you the bucks! 

STEP 1 - Prepare the Glow In The Dark Powder!

Since it travels in a closed container to get to you safe and undamaged, the powder isn't getting enough light to activate the fairies. This is where you come in! To spark them, you will have to charge the powder outside in the sun.

Make sure you shake the box to ensure that all the magic dust is exposed to the light. 

PRO TIP! UV light will do that too, but make sure you don’t expose for longer than 30 seconds!

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STEP 2 - Keep Clean and Hydrated!

Given our current climate, you've probably heard this so much lately. We all know how important it is to keep the hands clean and moisturised. More so, a neat manicure won't look proper if we skip this as a general rule!

You know what we always say: PREP is the KEY!

When it comes to dip powder, it's ESSENTIAL to do so, to allow a proper application and avoid lifting. Once you're finished, make sure you apply the BASE COAT. Don't forget, always BEFORE you use the dip powder! 

PRO TIP! Tap your hands with a paper towel to get rid of the excess moistureThe nail plate must be free of debris to ensure proper adhesion

STEP 3 - Dip It Real Good!

You're now ready to apply the new fabulous hues from The Glow In The Dark Collection. You can either do it the classical way and dip, or rain powder over your nails! It's really up to you. What we recommend is to be generous with the application, but not overuse! The glow in the dark effect remains the same no matter how much product you use. 

PRO TIP!  When dipping AVVA glow in the dark powder, hold the nail in the chosen powder for three to five seconds to absorb as much of it as possible.

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Glow In The Dark Favourites

STEP 4 - Activator Magic!

When it comes to Dip Powder, there is no other way. You will have to invest into a DYI kit! We recommend the AVVA Pro Kit, which is currently on SALE! This includes all the accessories you will need to prep your nails for the neon glow: BASE, ACTIVATOR, TOP. 

PRO TIP! Push back cuticles, create a rough texture on the nail plate by filing, and sanitise thoroughly.

STEP 5 - Get Creative with your Dip Powder!

During the years, we have learned so much from our community, which you are more than welcome to join here! Our gals are full of ideas, and never cease to amaze. We have learnt to apply the glowing powder in so many ways! A simple French with just a quick dip of your tips, an ombre effect with different colours sprinkled on your nails, the opportunities are endless! 



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