Most Wanted Dip Powder KITS for a professional-looking manicure

Dip Powder manicures have become extremely popular lately. The reasons are pretty self-explanatory. Dip powder is non-toxic, lasts up to 3 weeks, and doesn’t need a lamp. Besides, it’s pretty easy to use so you don’t need to go to the salon for a professional-looking manicure. 

Being a DIY at-home solution, ordering a Dip Powder Kit seems the best solution. You can get everything you need for a cheaper price. Let’s dive into the most wanted dip powder kits and decide which one is right for you:

AVVA Dip Powder Starter Kit

AVVA DIY Dip Powder Starter Kit

AVVA Starter Kit is the best option if you are a first timer. Our beginners dip powder kit offers 5 possibilities. Either you decide to purchase 1 AVVA shade of Dip Powder, or you choose 4 irresistible colors, suited for any type of manicure. 

AVVA Dip Powder Starter Kit White contains all you need for a modern, all white manicure. AVVA Dip Powder Starter Kit Dulche de Leche, Natural Pink and Pale Pink offers you a delicate mani, perfect for us subtle gals, who are into nude and pink.

You can choose your favorite shade or get the whole 4 Dip Powders Starter Kit. The choice is yours to make!

Dip Powder Starter Kit Pale Pink

AVVA Dip Powder PRO Kit

AVVA DIY Dip Powder PRO Kit

Now, AVVA Dip Powder PRO Kit is for the daring ones who like to play with colors. AVVA PRO Kit offers 4 amazing shades of Lilac, Hot Red, Glitter Grey and Black Cherry. All of them are just YUM and look fantastic with any outfit. 

You can mix and match endlessly, and, of course, you can choose more shades from our hundreds of dip powders available. With our PRO Kit you can really let your creativity flow. The shades are suited for any mood and every personality. 

Try it yourself and let us see your creations!

AVVA DIY Dip Powder PRO Kit

AVVA Dip Powder French Kit

AVVA Dip Powder French Kit

Did you just say DIY Dip Powder French Kit? YEP! We have it and it's awesome! The best solution for a spotless, magazine worthy french nail. AVVA French Kit is exciting and easy to use! You can go for a 100% natural French manicure with our White, Clear and Natural Pink Dip Powders and get the nails of your dreams. 

Also, you can add a drop of Hot Red dip powder and play with a new exciting and super fashionable french manicure. There are so many inspiring nails out there, we would love to see your interpretation of french manicure using AVVA Hot Red Dip Powder. 

AVVA DIY Dip French Kit
Join our community and show off your manicures to everyone! We love the creativity of our clients and we always appreciate and support it!
Let there be glamorous AVVA nails!!!!

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