Most Wanted 2021 Summer Shades for Manicures and Nail Art

Hey lovely,


Summer is here and we are all about having fun! It's the perfect time for new experiences and trying new things. 

If you never tried dip powder, maybe now it's the time! It's so easy to use and so versatile it can convince anyone! The color selection is to die for plus, the powders are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic & odor-free. 

Let's dive into the most wanted 2021 Summer shades!

1. Anything white

White nails are super in! All white, classic french, classic french turned into ombre you name it! If it has white we are all about it.

2. Everything that sparkles

When in doubt just add glitter! An all glitter manicure is everything we wish for this summer. This kind of mani can look super classy and elegant on any occasion. Give it a try!

3. Natural nails

You can definitely do your mani and still end up looking natural. AVVA Clear Dip Powder can make your nails more strong and durable and also give you that extra special shine. 

4. Lilac 

We are absolutely in love with lilac. It's such a dreamy color! And mixed with some grey glitter you'll definitely steal the show!

5. All Green

Green manicures are starting to rise to the top. It's like wearing nature on your nails! They look so modern and fresh, for sure you'll want to give them a try!

6. Pretty in Pink

Everybody loves pink nails. They will be forever in fashion, no matter what. Anything left to do is decide which manicure is the cutest ever! 

7. Color Block

Mixing pink with green? Hell yes! It's mega summerish and very cool. Mixing two strong colors is a statement, but it always look like you know what is trending.

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