Dip powder vs. Gel - Which One is Better?

Hey Dippers and future Dippers!

There's an ongoing "battle" between the Dip powder vs Gel, which frankly, we don't really understand. We've all heard this one before, haven't we? I mean, there's honestly no comparison when it comes to dip powder! Let me tell you why there's actually no question when it comes to Dip Powder vs. Gel! 

Moderation is the key!

As you probably know, we also provide DIY Nail Gel Extension Kits, and we had to weigh the pros and cons before releasing the products. Is gel really that bad? The short answer is NO. There's a trick to it though! Keep reading...

Dip Powder is perfect if you want to improve natural nails growth. 

First of all, we all want to grow our nails! That's the dream, right? In this day and age, a big percentage of ladies have given up on even trying to grow their nails. And that's such a pity! We all like the commodity that comes with gel, and please do use it as long as your nails are healthy! l mean, only because your hair might fall more during the autumn, doesn't mean you instantly need to wear a wig. Right? 

Dip Powder versus Gel

No HARSH primers used in any of our products!

We designed our PRO kits and powders for you, PRO nails, by removing harsh chemicals and packing our dip powders with a lot of goodness. From the calcium added to the dip powders which help strengthen your nails, to the non-invasive base coat, activator and top coat, all made to protect your nail bed. So yes, ladies, the AVVA DIY gel kits we provide are actually designed to aid more than just the aspect of your nails!

With regular acrylic, primers contain methacrylic acids to promote adhesion. These chemicals are an absolute no-no to your nails and body, and can cause damage to the nail bed or even long-term illness.

UV Lamp is optional when applying Dip Powder!

Did we mention that there's no UV light involved in applying Dip Powder? And you can use Dip Powder on gel, which means less UV exposure time for your nails! Studies have shown that excessive UVA use can damage the collagen, so if you're an exclusive gel user, you might want to reconsider varying from time to time. 

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AVVA DIY NAIL GEL EXTENSIONS KITS are designed to protect your nails! 

A good Dip Powder Kit and a DIY Nail Gel Extension KIT should contain all the necessary tools to work risk-free and protect your nail bed.

We recommend our Kits to start your Dip Powder journey.

Also, you can always use DIP POWDER ON GEL! It looks more natural and there's no UV light required to cure it! How cool is that?

The removal process is different from Dip Powder to Gel, but there's a way to avoid being aggressive to the nail.

Compared to the regular gel removal, the dip powder process is non-invasive and non-aggressive for the nail. When removing dip powder, you're not scraping it off of the nails. Removing the powder is actually one of the least damaging processes, and can be easily done at home! 

IMPORTANT! Do not attempt to peel it off your nail! This will only cause damage to the nail, which makes all that time and work in vain. 



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