Dip Powder Instructions - Full Guide with Videos & Photos

Hey Dippers!

We are excited to share with your our full guide of "HOW TO" including our Dip Powder steps into getting that amazing Dip Powder manicure you've been dreaming of. 

The Dip Powder process can seem a bit daunting for a newbie, but rest assured, once you get into it, you'll never go back. And I'll tell you why! It's fun, creative, durable and versatile. Not to mention it is a DIY activity, so it will keep you engaged and away from the nail salon. Follow our quick Dip Powder instructions and start dip it your way!

💅🏽Follow these 6 EASY STEPS and start DIPPING!💅🏽

How To Apply Dip Powder

💕1. Clean and prep nails, by pushing the cuticles back and shaping the nails. Wipe the nails with an alcohol-based cleanser. 

💕2. Apply the AVVA Base coat and quickly dip into AVVA Dip Powder

💕3. Tap off excess. Repeat on all nails. Reapply AVVA Base and repeat dip steps until you get the desired depth of color.

💕4.Don't forget to use the brush to make sure you remove the excess.

 💕5. Apply the AVVA Activator. 

💕6. Buff and shape the nails once the AVVA Activator is totally dried. Apply the AVVA Top coat.

We also put together a little Dip Powder Video Tutorial to get you started!

#nailtalk TIP 1: It's essential to use ALL liquids that come in your Dip Powder Kit in the correct order. They can be purchased separately as well here, in case you run out!
#nailtalk TIP 2: Always dip more than once to obtain the desired color and ensure a long-lasting mani! Also, you can always combine more than one! You know what we say "One is never enough!" Check the collections here!
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