Dip Powder Benefits - Cruelty Free

Hey there lovely, Lauren here!

We've been through a super interesting series of dip powder benefits and we still have one more left for you. We don't know how well-known is this one, but it's pretty important. 

What does cruelty-free actually mean?

What does it mean AVVA products are cruelty free? It means that AVVA products are NOT tested on animals.

We love animals and we don't believe in animal testing. We are very conscious about what products we sell and always make sure to avoid animal testing at all costs. 

Why is cruelty-free so important?

We all know the fast, ever-changing world we live in. Companies try to make their sales go up whatever it takes. 

When that cost starts to harm other beings, it can get problematic. The general excuse for animal-testing is "to make sure it's safe to use for humans". But there are over 7000+ ingredients already proven safe and there is also the in-vitro testing option which has proved successful. 

Knowing all this, though, "the need" becomes inexplicable. 

Why does cruelty-free matter?

It matters because animals matter. All beings should be treated fairly and animals are no exception. During the animal testing process the animals are submitted to a lot of pain and suffering.

Needless to say we, as a brand, didn't want to have anything to do with something like that. 

AVVA will always be cruelty-free!

We made a choice when we started and we are going to stay put. We absolutely adore animals and we would never want to harm them in such ways. 

Be sure, AVVA products will always be cruelty-free!

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