Christmas Nail Designs

Now that December is here, it seems like anything is going to get us into the holiday spirit, from all the Christmas lights that are everywhere (not that anybody is complaining) to hot chocolate, cozy pajamas, and Christmas songs! Some of us are ecstatic to let the holiday spirit brighten up our mood in all aspects of our lives, so starting on the first of December, the Christmas nail design is a must! It doesn’t matter if you like to keep it simple or go crazy with it; there is something for everyone, and here are some of our favorite Christmas nail designs.


  • Red and Glitter

It’s hard to talk about Christmas nail designs without mentioning something red, and even without adding anything else on them, there is something about red nails that instantly makes us think about the holidays. If you don’t want to spend the extra time working on a more elaborate design, just use something with glitter or add a gold accent nail; you can do it so quickly and look festive at the same time. Here is our Red Dip Powder Collection; we promise you will find what you need here.

  • Green and Gold

Looking for something Christmassy, but at the same time, it will make you look classy? Green and Gold design is the answer you're looking for. It is a more subtle way to show your holiday spirit, and it is going to look amazing while you are going to unwrap your presents! Here are our Glittery Gold Dip Powders; they will look stunning as an accent nail!


  • Christmas Sweater Nails

Have you ever thought about painting a seater pattern on your nails? Now, this nail design may look a bit more intimidating, and it is not as quick as the previous two, but if you master it, the results will be worth your time and hard work. Here you can choose whatever color combination you like, and you can also add some sparkle that will look like Christmas lights on your nails. This design it's going to look perfect!


  • Snowflakes design

It may sound like a cliche, but there is a reason why the snowflakes nail designs are so popular: there are so many ways you can go with it and, it also doesn’t require a lot of experience with nail art. As long as you have some white or silver to play with, you can pair it with any other color you enjoy wearing. Keep it minimal or have an entire snowstorm on your nails; this nail art will bring the holiday spirit.

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