Benefits of Dip Powder - lasts 3 weeks

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Here we are with another article on the benefits of dip powder. The first one, Benefits of Dip Powder - No UV Lamp was pretty interesting. Did you get the chance to read it?

If you already did, let's dive into the next awesome benefit of dip powder: the fact that is durable. 

Benefits of Dip Powder - lasts 3 weeks

PC: Alisen Dupre

What does durable actually mean? Well, it can mean that with the correct application you can have a spotless manicure for up to 3 weeks or even more! 

How does that work? First of all, we need to talk dehydration. It's important for a long lasting manicure. Using something like AVVA Primer will help you a lot with that. It prevents lifting. 

Benefits of Dip Powder - lasts 3 weeks 02

PC: Lydia Daniel


Lifting can be caused by humidity or oils that can be found on your nails. Buffing them gently and using AVVA Primer can solve that problem. 

Next factor that guarantees you a 3 week long manicure is the proper application of the dip powder system. Be sure to read our article on how to use dip powder - Beginners tutorial and note these tips and tricks:

  • It's very important for you to have even layers of powder on your nails and that happens applying thin layers of AVVA Base.
  • The following aspect that will make the difference is the Activator. You need to apply it, always, at least twice, and plenty! Also, be sure to cap well the edge and tip of your nails to avoid cracking!
  • Avoid lumps or excess powder on the surface of your nails
  • Cap the edge and tip of your nails with AVVA Top at least twice
Benefits of Dip Powder - lasts 3 weeks 03

PC: Carolina Lasinker


These suggestions are essential for a long lasting manicure. Stopping the cracking and chipping of your dip powder nails will 100% translate into a 21+ days glamorous manicure. 

If you are thinking you have better lasting options, think again. Gel Polish can only last up to 2 weeks, no matter how hard we try and anything besides that lasts even less. 

If you want to forget about your manicure for an entire month give dip powder nails a try. You'll be surprised by its durability! 

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