A Guide to Proper Nail Care

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We know how much effort you put into everything you do. From your job to your loved ones, you always manage to take care of everyone. What about yourself? Do you care enough to take a break and spoil yourself properly? Did you took a good care of yourself lately? 

Let's be honest, we rarely do take care of ourselves and even when we do it's like we don't have real patience for it. We often neglect ourselves. This rule applies to anything, but a great example is our nails. We invest into care products that make your nails glamorous, only to end up with soft, brittle nails all over again.

Here's a little guide on a proper nail care routine.

AVVA - A Guide to Proper Nail Care

Hydrate your nails

You may not believe it, but your nails need to be hydrated too. All those nail creams and cuticle oils you've seen advertised around, you need them! On a daily basis. It's super important to regain the strength of your nails and you can surely do that with such products. 

These moisturizing products contain ingredients which will help preventing cracking of your natural nail. And yes, you should use them even if you have done your mani!

Never over file/over buff!

When we do a dip powder manicure, more often than not, we tend to file, file, file and buff, buff, buff that natural nail. Well here's an expert advice: don't ever file your nail bed. You only need to buff it lightly. The nail file is much too strong for your nail bed, and buffing it lightly it's just what you need.

If you are afraid the products won't adhere properly on your nails we recommend you use a Primer which has basically the same function as buffing: cleaning your nail bed and removing the oils that can cause lifting if present.

Push your cuticles everyday

Another pro advice? Stop cutting your cuticles! This might sound controversial, but cutting them will only make them grow more. The secret is pushing your cuticles everyday for 30 days (no skips!) and eventually you will notice how they hide naturally. You'll finally have that spotless looking nail you see in those nail magazines.

Remove nail products properly

One of the biggest problems with the latest manicure trends is the lack of proper removal. While some products, like acrylics tend to damage your nails for good, others won't do you any harm if removed gently and properly. 

The number 1 rule in any removal procedure is always buff the shine off! Keep that in mind! It's super important for a careful removal. if you leave the first layers of top the acetone will not have the same power and you will be stuck in the routine for too long. And when you are sick of waiting you tend to force the product off your nails, thus removing layers from your natural nail. A big NO, NO!

If you buffed the shine off and it still doesn't work, try buffing some more, but not so much that it will get to your natural nail. Then let your nails soak in acetone a bit more.

Take a break

You want to have your nails looking on point everyday and that is a good thing. But always having products on your nails might wear them out. Your nails need to breathe so try to take breaks between a new application of dip powder. You'll see the difference!

Keep your hands clean

Keeping a good hygiene is mega important for your nails and hands. Be sure to always keep your hands clean and even more so, the instruments you are using to do your nails. It's mega important to sanitize your instruments after each use. Don't most importantly don't ever share your nail instruments or dip powders with anyone! You never know where you can get a fungus or bacteria!

Stay healthy

Another important aspect of healthy nails is of course, our own general well being. Staying healthy and fit can be a huge benefit for our looks as well. Make sure your body has all the vitamins it requires and your nails will thank you for it! 

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