7 Vacation Manicures for Summer 2021

Hey lovely, Lauren here!


I am back with some vacation nails inspo. Many of us probably are planning their summer trips as we speak. Going through our amazing Facebook Community, we
got mega inspired and we thought we should share the gorgeous manicures of our customers.

Let's begin!

1. Blue as the sea

We are obsessed with this Emerald mani! Add a glitter Daydreaming accent nail and you can swim glamorously in peace. 

Products used: AVVA Emerald, AVVA Daydreaming

PC: Dee Parslow

2. Shine like the sun

When in doubt just add glitter! We love our glitter collection and we will never get enough of the endless combinations we can make. We dare you to try this manicure this summer!

Products used: AVVA Baby Princess, AVVA Glitter Grey

PC: Tewanna Sanders-Brazzley

3. Summer Ombre with a touch of Gold

Apple green and Nudelicious - the perfect combination for any respectable beach outfit. Try them and you'll be obsessed!

Products used: AVVA Apple Green, AVVA Nudelicious

PC: Mayra Alvarenga

4. Fruit Ice Cream

3 shades, one mani. These nails look so yummy we cannot afford to say no. They will be the perfect fit with a delicious ice cream in hand. 

Products used: Morning-Dreams, Casablanca Sunshine & Amber

PC: Dee Parslow

5. Tutti Frutti Mani

We present you.... the ultimate ombre manicure! One that reminds us of a Tutti Frutti Salad savored by the Mediterranean Sea. It's super inspiring and it's the perfect "excuse" to wear 5 shades of dip powder without them looking tacky.

Products used: Lilac, Casablanca Sunshine, Pink Diva, Jade, Apple Green

PC: Mayra Alvarenga

6. Sea foam

Simple, elegant and timeless. This manicure can be worn effortlessly in a wedding or a special occasion, yet can be perfect for a dream vacation. Be sure to add it to your #MustHave list. 

Products used: Natural Pink

PC: Tewanna Sanders-Brazzley

7. Watermelon Love

One of our most wanted shades, Morning Dreams will transform your summer manicure in all you've dreamt of. Add an accent nail with a sticker and everything will look funky & fun!

Products used: Morning Dreams, Pale Pink


PC: Mayra Alvarenga

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