5 Back-to-School Nail Trends That You Need To Try

Back-to-school season has arrived, and now you can plan for all sorts of manicures that will impress your friends and make you the center of attention in the hallways. Even if you go for something a bit more subtle, like a nude, or decide to make a statement with some hot pink and glitter, planning your back-to-school manicures can always be a good reason to upgrade your dip powder collection.
Here are some of our favorite manicure trends to inspire you for this back-to-school season.
  • Soft nude shade

Prefer something a bit more muted for your back-to-school manicure? Go for a creamy, soft nude shade and short nails. Even though it is something simple, it will look classy and cute at the same time.

  • French manicures
French nails are still very much in trend, but even though you can always choose the classic white, why not add some spice into the mix? Go for a bolder color on the tips and make it a statement!
  • Pink Back-to-School Nails
You can't go wrong with pink shades on your nails for your back-to-school manicure! Make it cute and girly with a soft pink or, go bold with some bubble gum inspired nails that will make you the center of attention. Either way, you can also add some glitter into the mix.
  • Negative Space Nails
If you are searching for a simple way to upgrade your manicure for the back-to-school season, then negative space nails are just what you need. This way, you can mix and match your favorite shades and impress everyone in the classroom.
  • Multi-Colored Nails
A multi-colored manicure might be just what you need for going back to school. It is easy to do but looks like a well-planned manicure, even though you can do it in minutes! Another plus is that you don't have to commit to just one shaded.

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