7 Best Dip Powder Colors For Fall/Winter 2020

Hey dippers, 

Let's talk about the 7 Biggest Color Trends We'll All Be Wearing on Our Nails this season! 

How many of you used to be asked when you were children 👶 "What is your favourite color?" I used to answer "red" almost automatically, until one day, I realised I was always a "blue". When it comes to nails though, I am all colors - depending on my mood. And I tend to get bored easily, but...

Luckily, we're adding colors constantly to our AVVA chart, so I have plenty to choose from!

"Live Your Life In Colors" 

2020 wasn't the best year so far, but why not make yourself feel better anyway? Start wearing...

1. Mature Browns 🤎 to keep you warm and cozy!

2. White 🤍 is always so classy and can be matched with anything!

3. Vibrant Blues 💙 to keep you up and running!

4. Sensual Red ❤️ to keep the love going, if you know what i mean 😉

5. Mandarin 🍊 - To keep high on energy even when you're low! 

6. Minimal ♠️ never goes out of style, I mean Coco knows it too!

7. Funky glitter ✨ to keep your mood up during those winter nights!


Some can make you feel melancholic, other will make you happy, but at the end of the day, we are all attracted by some colors more or less. There are thousands of experiments out there done on the impact of colors, and there's even a color mood chart! So, what are your true colors, gal? 💙
Tell us in the comment section below ⬇️ 

Stay safe!



All Images ©The Fashion Search Engine from the Fall/Winter Thierry Mugler Collection Archive.

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